This blog records my transition from the Churches of Christ to Eastern Orthodoxy.

Monday, May 19, 2008


i'm hoping i'll have things to say interesting enough to attract a few readers. Really, i need to push on with this blog either way because i think this will be terribly therapeutic for me at this point in my life. But let me be clear up front--despite dealing with the occasional academic-heavy topic, i still intend to write rather informally. Don't expect a string of footnotes following philosophy-based posts, nor will you find strings of symbolic logic or academic lingo. i don't consider my blog something to turn in for a grade. Personally, i don't see why writing informally necessarily means what i blog here will contain any less rigor or precision or weightiness. Plenty of philosophy and theology is unnecessarily complicated in my opinion. To put it another way, i'm not one of these guys who thinks that the 20th century analytic philosophy-style is the only way worthwhile work can be done. --far from it, frankly. anyway, i hope the wide range won't hinder anyone from commenting on particular blogs that interest them.

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