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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is Death Normal?

Had Adam and Eve never eaten from the forbidden tree, would their physical bodies have continued forever? Or would they still have died physically?

i have always thought that physical mortality was not a part of the world until the Fall and curse. i read where N. T. Wright suggested he thought death might have been a natural part of the world even prior to the Fall, which really surprised me deeply considering some other things he spends such a great deal of time arguing for.

i realize there was a tree of life that Adam and Eve ate from. But would this tree imply that they would otherwise die? Or more importantly, would having a tree which sustained one's life indefinitely imply that death was a natural part of the world?

i still tend to think that Adam and Eve would have physically lived forever and that physical death is a part of the Fall and not a part of the ideal. What do you think and why? Am i missing something?

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Matthew said...

Good question, I have thought that Adam and Eve would die if they did not eat of the tree of life. The reason that death came in was as a punishment of sin, being banished from the tree.

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