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Saturday, January 24, 2009

evolution and arrogance

So i haven't been posting, but only because i've been crazy busy and pre-occupied. It's not because i'm out of ideas; i have entirely too many, in fact. i'm so focused on doing what i need to do to get into grad school that i haven't had time for leisure reading or blogging of any kind.

anyway, here's a quick question for thought: is it possible that belief in evolution could lead to a sense of arrogance and hubris about modern man? if evolution is true, it stands to reason that we are the "highest" thing that has come along so far, and all sentient biological creatures who've come before us have been inferior.

This seems to me to ring true when people speak as though any people or civilization previous to our own couldn't have known all that we know or achieved what we've achieved. For all i know, there could've been plenty of past civilizations who understood at least some things about the world which the 21st century industrialized West does not.

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