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Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Hiatus

No blogging the rest of the week! 

Other than eating til i throw up and playing with my son, i have three ginormous term papers i need to work on!  i have about a dozen or more blog-drafts i'm working on, so i'll post some more next week.

What do you like to stuff your face with at Thanksgiving?


MrsHonea said...

I'm wishing I could stuff my face with your roasted goose and your dressing or whatever it is you were gonna cook. YUM!!!!

reborn1995 said...

Roasted Goose will be for Christmas! This week i'm only making a pudding. And i still haven't decided what kind. Obivously i should save Christmas pudding for Christmas too. Which mean i could make figgy pudding or date pudding or some other kind this week. Oh yeah, and i'm thinking of stuffing my Christmas goose with a cranberry and almond stuffing! i better save up money now. Geese aren't cheap. Anyway, you and yours are more than welcome to come try anything i cook if ever you're in the neighborhood! =o)


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