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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Joseph had to suffer through family rejection, false accusation, and imprisonment.

David, was a man after God's own heart, yet had to suffer the the murderous threats, jealously and hatred of Saul.

John the Baptist was better than anyone else born of a woman Jesus said, yet he had to suffer unjust imprisonment and was beheaded.  

Jesus was perfect, blameless, and sinless.  Yet He had to suffer abandonment, ridicule, hatred, abuse, insult, disrespect, heartbreak, sadness, distress, and even torture.

Tell me, where did i get the idea that i shouldn't have to wait in line?  What makes me think i shouldn't have to lose sleep?  Where did i get the idea that my car should always work perfectly?  Who ever said i ought to have as much free time as i please?  Where did i get the idea that i shouldn't ever have to eat anything i don't like or do anything i don't like?  Where do i get off thinking i shouldn't ever have to be uncomfortable--i shouldn't ever have to be hot or cold or annoyed or interrupted or ill or over-worked or wait to get what i want?  Where did i get the idea that i should always get to go anywhere and do anything i please and get things my way?

When others mistreat me and do evil, it does prove they're wrong and shouldn't do the things they do--that's true. But when i think and act like i'm entitled to something better than this sinful, fallen world, that proves nothing more than that i'm a selfish, spoiled brat.

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UB said...

Yes that is it, people moan all the time they are entitled to live a perfect life. And I have to zip up when people who have lots moan to me......but you know what is going on inside my head!

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