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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How Would You Respond To A Robber?

Faith Overcomes Robbery

Above is a brief article and security video of a store clerk in Florida being robbed.  The clerk didn't panic, she didn't threaten in return, she didn't pull out a gun from behind the counter, she didn't assault the man trying to rob her.  She spoke to him peacefully.  She spoke to him about her faith in Christ.  She spoke to him not like an attacker, but like a human being who needs love and compassion.  Because she spoke to him like a person and not a threat, he was clearly caught off guard and couldn't maintain his role as an attacker.  What happened?  The robber left.  Imagine that--violence can be overcome without resorting to violence.  Do you imagine Jesus would've handled this situation much differently than did this woman?

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