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Friday, September 24, 2010

Christians are Bad Tippers

i have heard a lot of wait staff people tell me that Christians are particularly bad tippers.  Is that true?  It was obviously true in the experience of those who told me.  The "church crowd" people they served left low percentages.  

Maybe i'm making something out of nothing, but it seems to me that this is just such a case where Christians ought to display generosity. Now i'm not trying to draw attention to what people think of us.  i'm trying to spotlight what we ought to do regardless.  

Are there cases where it just doesn't matter whether or not a Christian is generous with his/her money?  And is tipping at a restaurant one of them?  Or is this a particular case where imitating the generosity of Christ ought particularly to shine through in us? "How much would Jesus tip" doesn't seem like an easy question to answer.  But it does seem obvious to me He wouldn't be stingy.  What do you think?


Warren Baldwin said...

I've heard the same thing - Christians are bad tippers. I've also heard that Christians can be rude and impatient customers, esp when there is a big lectureship going on in town and everyone is rushing to eat to get back to the next session. That seems kind of ironic, doesn't it? At a Christian lectureship/conference/seminar, learning how to be better embody the Spirit of Christ, and then being rude and stingy. Somehow the ethics of the savior is slow to penetrate the heart, isn't it?

Interesting post here, I enjoyed it. And, yes, I think Jesus would be a very generous tipper!

Terry said...

We absolutely should be generous tippers. Servers usually work at sub-minimum wages. They depend on their customers. Good post, Guy!

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