This blog records my transition from the Churches of Christ to Eastern Orthodoxy.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Big Change

Well, i haven't posted on this thing in forever, and i don't even know if anyone reads it or visits anymore really.  But i'm thinking of starting up some posts again.  Why?   Well, i've decided to convert to Eastern Orthodoxy.  i've now been attending an Antiochan Orthodox parish for about 6 months now.  i'm thinking about using this blog space to work out in writing things i'm studying as they come up--mainly for the purposes of rehearsal and memory.  i'm not nearly as concerned as i used to be about who or if anyone is reading this thing.  i just know it'd probably help me to think out loud about some of what i'm reading and studying right now.  If anyone is reading and is curious about Eastern Orthodoxy, i highly recommend ancient faith radio's website: ancientfaith.com


Terry Laudett said...

It's good to see you back. I'm looking forward to reading again.

Michael Astley said...

I'll gladly read you. I don't know whether I can be of any use in your journey but, well, we do what we can.


Michael Astley said...

I don't know whether my earlier attempt at commenting was successful but I'm glad to read you. Whether I can be of any help in your exploration I do not know but we do what we can for each other. :-)

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