This blog records my transition from the Churches of Christ to Eastern Orthodoxy.

Friday, December 27, 2013


i don't know if anyone reads this anymore.  i just wanted to post to say i've reached a milestone.  After 2 years of investigation and attending an Orthodox parish, i was received into the Orthodox Church by chrismation last Saturday, December 21st, under the name Boris.

i decided to revisit some of the things i read the very first night my Protestantism unraveled.  This included a blog in which Orthodoxy is criticized.  After re-reading them, i'm not shaken or regretful of my decision in the least.  i'm so grateful for the blessing to be part of the Orthodox Church, and i have already experienced the healing of the sacraments of the church.

i'd love to write about all my experience and thinking throughout this journey.  Maybe some day i will. (But sadly, for the time being, i have a dissertation to write!)

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Orthocathfacingeast said...

May I congratulate you. I too passed a critical spiritual milestone on 25th December this year. My request to communicate with the Greek Orthodox community in Malta was graciously accepted; I participated in the Divine Liturgy with the Orthodox communion at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Valletta on Nativity 2013. I intend to communicate with the Orthodox communion at every opportunity in future. This will likely be Nativity & Holy Week/Pascha--God willing and as the Holy Spirit leads.

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